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Dual functions of Malegra FXT

Sexual dysfunction could really affect anyone’s life. It is difficult for a man if he’s affected by it. Sexual dysfunction includes erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Having been affected from can cause damage imagine having both? In such cases, Malegra FXT is the best option.

Erectile dysfunction relates to the problem of not able to have a proper erection for an intercourse. Whereas premature ejaculation means reaching to the climax the way before one wants. Even if a person deals with erectile dysfunction, if he suffers from premature ejaculation, a couple actually won’t be able to have a nice time.

Though there are separate medicines available for both of them; it won’t be advisable to take them together. For such case, Malegra FXT is there. This is the combination of sildenafil citrate; which is known to fight the erectile dysfunction and fluoxetine; it is known for premature ejaculation. With this medicine, a man would be able to attain the proper erection and at the same time would be able to hold the ejaculation for the longest time.

Before taking it a man should be sexual aroused so that the process of erection can take place and the medicine can show its reaction. Malegra FXT is to be consumed half an hour before of any sexual activity. In those minutes, the medicine would dissolve in blood and would reach its destination, the man’s reproductive organ. Malegra FXT contains 100mg of sildenafil and 60mg of fluoxetine. This is strong so one should take only one pill in 24 hours.

There are certain precautions that one should know. One has to make sure that he is not allergic to the basic components of the medicine. It is always good to keep your doctor in the loop. Consult him before taking it and share your experience of side effects after using it. This way, you would be able to know whether to use it or not. Those who have a history of cardiovascular disease or any organ disorder should avoid taking it.

Malegra FXT contains two major components to deal with sexual dysfunction. This would have certain side effects which one should know before using it. This medicine could causes you back pain, headache, blurred vision, body ache, upset stomach and indigestion. Though, these side effects are temporary. In any case if you get any prolonged side effects, it is better to take immediate medical help.

Sexual dysfunction can never be a good thing to expect in someone’s life. Though, there are men who suffer from it and it thus affects their life badly. In such case, it is always wise to deal with it. Consult your doctor and get yourself Malegra FXT so that your life could be good and happy, again.