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Dysmenorrhoea – and how you can tackle it at home

Every woman has a history of suffering from period pain at some point in time or the other. While some have horror stories of what they went through, there are cases where the pain subsided or completely went away with time.

The fear of painful periods is seen in almost every woman. These horrible periods can go around for a long time in some women’s menstrual cycles. Woman suffering from dysmenorrheal may find it difficult to make it through a painful period. This pain can last throughout the month. No one can really understand the pain you are facing. And this may make it look impossible to treat this condition.

Dysmenorrhea can vary from mild to extreme pain. One of the worst problems of such painful period is that they are not properly understood or responded well by the normal public and some doctors as well. Since majority of women menstruate and suffer from cramps, the extreme pain that occurs often is not understood. This misunderstanding can make sufferer feel lonely and she may lose confidence in the ability to solve this issue.

Pain killers may be prescribed for this problem, but these medicines only deal with the signs of menstruation but not the main problem. The side effects of pain killers include dizziness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. It may look stupid to take a medicine that is supposed to ease the painful periods when the side effects are just like the side effects of cramps. Anti-inflammatory drugs that are non-steroidal such as ibuprofen are beneficial because of their anti-inflammatory characteristics. If you are going through migraines along with dysmenorrhea, you should be careful while taking pain medications or any other drug to ease pain. Migraines can cause indigestion and if you consume anything during this time it can make you throw up everything.

Heating pads are a good comfort when you are suffering from the pain. Apart from relieving the pain to some extent, heat applied to the pelvic region helps you to feel comfortable when you are feeling most helpless. Cold compresses can also help to ease swelling that is linked with cramping. You can either choose hot pads or cold compresses. Alternating between these two may also give you some relief.

Vitamin-B supplements are also beneficial for women. Apart from magnesium and calcium, these supplements can help women with PMS, which can make it difficult to deal with menstrual cramps. Potassium is good in retaining body’s ion balance.

When the pain occurs, it is very easy and certain to feel helpless, this mentality is harmful. Don’t surrender to your pain. The pain will definitely make you feel helpless. It can leave you hopeless and you may start thinking that your life is going to end. But you should control yourself, having peace of mind can help you in tolerating the pain the making through it. Techniques of relaxation can also help you in taking control of your body. Figure out the techniques that can help your mind and body to relax.