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Edegra Hardens the Loose Thing in Impotent Males

Erectile dysfunction is sexual problem that makes a man unable to reach climax and also makes then unable to sustain hard erections when they are sexually stimulated in bed. Erectile dysfunction or male impotence is also called as a taboo in the society as men suffering from this sexual complication are not called as real men due to their inability to satisfy their partner in bed and get hard erections and get the pleasures of satisfactory sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction complication in men ruins the entire life as well as the relationship with their partner.

Edegra medication is the common invention of the branded medication Viagra and this medication is popularly called as a generic Viagra pill. Edegra is a generic medicine but this medication is excellent at quality as well as the safety of the medication which is approved by the FDA (food and drug administration) and the WHO (world health organization). This generic pill has all the same ingredients and the quality as well as the effectiveness like the branded medication Viagra.

The main chemical component used in this medication is Sildenafil citrate which is also the key chemical ingredient in the branded medicine Viagra. Edegra medicine is always a recommended medicine by the physician for treating erectile dysfunction or male impotence. This medicine is able to treat erectile dysfunction but does not cure the complication completely. The effects of this medication are long lasting that is with the help of Sildenafil citrate in these pill men with loose erections can achieve hard erections for almost four hours of the pill is used with proper care and precautions. It is necessary to use this medicine with proper care so that there are no other fatal side facets caused due to this medicine Edegra.

Edegra medicine comes in a dosage effect of 100 mg tablets that has to be consumed by men only suffering from erectile dysfunction and should not be used by women or kids.