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Effective Weight Loss Guaranteed With Few Tips

Set realistic goals

Rather than putting efforts to lose oodles of weight in a short period, it is very necessary to set realistic goals only to make sure that the mission is a success. The American association of health and care suggests people to aim for a weight loss of merely one or two pounds a week. Therefore, to shed down a pound per week, you must need a weekly calorie reduction of at least 3,500 calories and for two pounds; it must be around 7,000 calories. Even though these numbers might appear overwhelming, they are sure to give you fruitful results successful with a bit of patience and effort.

There are many reasons for people who want a quick weight loss; you may have a wedding to attend or a get together event where you wish to appear better and in shape. Luckily, there are numerous ways to shed those extra pounds from your body quickly and stay healthy. Do check with your health expert before you start with any weight loss program.

Cut down your calorie intake

This is the first and foremost goal for a quick weight loss. Try reducing at least 500 daily calories. Indulge eating in foods, which are nutrition based and less in calorie content such as less fay milk products, fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats. Avoid foods, which include empty calories and too much sugar like pastries or candies.


Cardiovascular workout is the easiest way to burn down those calories and lose weight. So prefer doing healthy activities such as brisk walking, running, jogging, dancing or swimming. Keep all these activities in continuation so that you do not get bored. For instance, go for a thirty-minute walk, dancing or biking.

Set your workout plan accordingly. If you run for five minutes, then walk for five minutes and repeat the process. If you like swimming, try doing two to three laps as hard as possible and then take a break for fifteen minutes. This will ensure that more calories are burned and you lose weight to a high extent.

Myths about weight loss

People believe that quick weight loss calls for starving sessions but this holds no truth in it. If you do not eat or stop eating then the body store calories as it assumes that you are in a starving mode. Whatever you eat gets stored

A fast weight loss program must be done with utmost care. The two major reasons for people suggested to lose weight are following a proper diet and doing healthy workouts. Consume fewer calories than what you burn and the result for sure will be as what you and expected.