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Egg Treatment Mask for the Reduction of Large Pores

Several factors like sun damage, genetics, blackheads acne or even aging can enlarge the size of pores. However, there is no such solution to complete remove this embarrassing enlarged pores. But, instead you can go through some safe and effective home remedies and minimize the appearance of pores. To lessen the look of existing large pores, you have to exfoliate your skin often to take away dead skin cells that can harden your pores and also remove the oils that makes your pores become large.

To help your pores look smaller, you can make an effective mask of your own with the help of egg whites and lemon.  This natural therapy reduces the size of your facial pores by tightening your skin.

How to make a mask of Lemon and Egg to treat Large Pores?

Break an egg and separate its white from the yolk.  Now, take this egg white in a bowl and add two tablespoons of lemon juice into it.  With the folk, mix the mixture well. This solution acts extremely well in healing large pores.

Now, apply this mask gently to your complete facial skin. See that the affected region is covered entirely.  Allow the mask to stay on the surface for half an hour or around 20 minutes. When this mixture begins drying you’ll feel that the skin around the pores is tightening up, which indicates the treatment is working.

Later, using a tepid or lukewarm water rinse off the mixture thoroughly.  To further tighten and tone up your skin surface, softly apply hazel extract to the affected part with a cotton ball.  You can easily find this extract from the nearby pharmacy or health store.

Go over the same procedure daily as this will considerably trim down the size of pores. Although you need to keep patience as this remedy won’t serve you with immediate treatment, but over time a positive result will surely be noticed.

Besides egg and lemon mask other solutions like Almond meal mask, Tomato mask, Papaya mask and Cucumber mask have also shown helpful results in healing and reducing the large pores.