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Enjoy those Intimate Moments with Ladygra

One might thing that it is only men who suffer from sexual dysfunction, which can be the embarrassing condition noticed even in females.  This is the situation wherein woman faces insensitivity in her vaginal area that makes her difficult to have sexual pleasure or stay active till the climax.  This unsatisfied life can give rise to serious complications and clashes in their relationship.  if you  are going through the same situation and you really don’t want your life to get so badly affected, then try using Ladygra today and have blissful sexual nights with your loved one.

What are the Causes of Sexual Dysfunction in woman?

  • Sexual dysfunction in woman is triggered due to low blood circulation to their genital area or because of vaginal dryness.  Because of this, a woman may not be able to have an enjoyable sexual activity. While in the worst cases, a woman may not find any interest in having an intercourse, which can badly hamper her sexual life.  Lack of exercises, health problems, nervousness, unhealthy food habits, excessive intake of alcohol and cigarette smoking are seem to be the common causes of Sexual Dysfunction in women.

How does Ladygra help?

  • Ladygra is designed keeping in mind the lack of blood flow into the genital area. This particular medicine comprises Sildenafil Citrate, which is well-recognized component used in sexual boosting medicines. It works superbly against the problem causing factors and allows women to regain the lost sensitivity and have an enjoyable session.

Let us learn the mechanism of this medicine:-

  • When a woman is aroused sexually, the nervous system in her body releases a chemical. The aim of this chemical is to release the muscles and improve the blood circulation.  With this action, the vaginal area gets sensitive which enables her to enjoy the lovemaking session.
  • But, in a woman going through sexual dysfunction, the chemical in the blood is restricted by the attacks of an enzyme named PDE5.  This fails a woman to achieve the vaginal sensitivity required for penetrating act.
  • However, the active ingredient – Sildenafil Citrate, present in Ladygra, stops the working of enzyme and enables easy flow of blood t, ‘[‘[ill the organ. This way the normal procedure of sensitivity goes on and woman can have a pleasurable lovemaking session for long time.

Ladygra comes in the standard dosage of 100 mg that should be taken an hour before starting the sexual act. It has to be taken only with water.  the effect of this pill stays for about five to six hours. However, there are certain side effects associated with this medicine, which should not be neglected. Anyone can buy it easily through online pharmacy stores.