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Environmental Triggers and Lifestyle Causes of Low Sperm Count!

There are certain specific environmental as well as lifestyle factors that can reduce the function or the production of the sperm count. Over exposure to environmental elements like toxins, chemicals or heat may also decrease the sperm count.  Furthermore, certain health conditions may also lead infertility in some individuals.

Environmental reasons behind low sperm count:-

  • Overheating the testicles: making use of hot tubs or saunas repeatedly might also lower your sperm count but for a temporary basis. Not only this, wearing tight pants or sitting for a long time may also raise the temperature in your scrotum, thereby reducing the count of sperms in you.
  • Exposure to heavy metals: Infertility may also be caused by exposing yourself to lead or other kinds of heavy metals.
  • Prolonged bicycling:  Bicycling for a long period of time may also be another possible reason for low sperm count. Bicycling overheats the testicles and also pressurize the region behind the perineum i.e. Testicles. In most of the cases, it causes penile numbness and erection troubles.
  • Exposure to x-rays or radiation:  Being under the exposure of radiation or X- ray can lower the production of sperms and it might take lot number of years for the condition to become normal. Moreover, if the contact is too high, the production of sperm can be reduced permanently.
  • Pesticides: men who are exposed to certain pesticides like organophosphates and ethylene dibromide have persistently shown lowered sperm counts. Not only this, in many research done on men living in an agricultural region, it was also found that exposure to pesticide can also be a reason behind chronic testicular cancer.

Rather than environmental reasons, lifestyle and health also contribute a lot to the reducing count of sperms.

Lifestyle and health causes of low sperm production:-

  • Alcohol abuse:  Having alcohol regularly can reduce the level of testosterone which in turn may cause impotency and even decrease the count of sperm.  Not only this, drinking excessively can also show the way to chronic lung disease and may cause troubles related with infertility.
  • Illegal drug use: Consuming any steroids or any other sorts of drugs to can rouse the strength in muscle but at the same time will also reduce the sperm production. Moreover, intake of abusive stuffs like marijuana or cocaine also lowers the sperm count.
  • Smoking: Men who are into smoking or eating tobacco have an effect on their sperm count. Even second hand smoking can be dangerous as it might also affect male fertility.
  • Age and emotional stress: After a certain age like crossing 35, the sperm production gradually declines. Even stress can hold up some hormones that are needed for the production of sperms.  If you are experiencing severe stress or prolonged emotional pressure, you sperm count will be affected.  A setback with fertility itself can at times turn out to be discouraging and annoying thereby producing stress.

However, it is extremely important to have a control over your lifestyle habits to keep your sperm count under control.