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Epilepsy: Face it like a Man

Epilepsy among Men

Nearly 0.5% men suffer from this neurological disorder. Yet it is often women with epilepsy we get to hear of. This is because men are usually carefree about their health.

There could also be reasons why men hide their health problems. One of these reasons is the undue fear people have towards seizures and epilepsy. It often costs the epileptic his job.

What are the Causes of Epilepsy in Men?

The causes of epilepsy in men and woman are almost the same. Here we have listed a few of the common causes of seizure.

Epilepsy can be result of a severe injury on the head.

Tumor in your brain may even lead to an epileptic seizure.

You may even suffer from fits if you have brain infections.

What can trigger Fits?

There are several factors that may trigger an attack. Here we have listed a few of them.

If you do not have a sound sleep, it leads to an attack. Usually epileptics are prescribed to have eight hours of peaceful sleep.
If there is a lot of stress and pressure, it can trigger an attack. It is thus advised that you stay happy and peaceful.
Flashing lights may trigger an attack in many cases of epilepsy. It may usually vary from person to person.

How Does Epilepsy Affect a Man’s Life?

A health disorder can affect every facet of a man’s life. It impacts not just his physical health but also the way he is treated in society.

Role Men Play in Their Society

Men usually play a major role in their family as the bread earner. Due to this disorder, they may not be able to play their role properly. This may actually lower their self-esteem.

In career if these men are not able to reach the position they actually deserve to reach, this can also impact their confidence levels.

Unable To Establish a Stable Career

If you are really unlucky, you may have difficulty establishing a stable career. Due to the wrong notions in the minds of people regarding this neurological disorder, you may not receive the pay you deserve.

Effect on Social Life

It is a fact that the social life of epileptics may also be horribly hampered. This is due to the low self-esteem and lack of social abilities that develop over a period of years.

Privileges You Miss Out On

If you are an epileptic, here are a few privileges you will surely miss out on.

You will never be eligible to drive unless you are seizure free for at least a year.

You may miss out on late night parties. Alcohol and sleeplessness are not permissible for epileptics. These may trigger attacks.

Effect of the Disorder on Relationships

It actually has a very bad impact on your personal and sexual relations. Due to the medication, you may have a poor libido. It is a common side-effect of most anti-epileptic medications.

Your poor self-esteem may further worsen your relations. You may have difficulty developing bonds.