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Erection Self Test Tests the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

The erection self test examines for incidence associated with night time hard on, and enables to look for the reason behind erection dysfunction in men. The capability to have a hard on during sleep suggests that a man is actually physically able to this ability. If a guy cannot come with an erection whilst awake, the reason may be due to physical issues, psychological elements, or both of them. For most males, erections during sleep are the consequences of physical procedures within the body instead of conscious management. The end result of the test can help figure out the reason for erectile dysfunction, along with the best treatments. Men who cannot achieve a harder erection may be suggested to perform this particular test as a way to diagnose erection problems.

How erection self test is performed? The exam is performed in your own home on 3 consecutive evenings. Postal stamps are purchased for the test. At bedtime a chain of several of those are covered across the middle shaft of your male reproductive organ. They may be dampened as well as permitted to form into a continuous ring around this area of the male reproductive organ. Each morning, the man inspects to see if the stamp strip is actually broken. If that’s the case, this means that the shaft of your male reproductive organ swelled and erected over night. When the stamps stay unbroken, no night time erection happened.

What is involved with planning for that test? The person should ask for certain directions regarding how to get ready for this check from their doctor.

What do the test outcomes mean? Usually, the ring of these stamps is cracked. This means that the night time hard-on has happened. If the ring of stamps is not damaged, then absolutely no erection occurred. This particular wherewithal to accomplish a harder erection during the night may be due to bodily issues instead of mental.