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Excess Intake Of Zinc Can Be Bad For Men

One can attain zinc all through milk and milk products such as beef, shellfish, shellfish, almonds and baked beans. You can even buy over-the-counter zinc supplements. It is advisable to not to take zinc supplements without consulting your medical practitioner.

Prescribed amount

The suggested every day consumption of zinc is 11mg for men as per to the American Association of Study and Health. In case of men under the age of 20 the suggested dosage is 40mg.  Men are likely to have all of the zinc which one requires all through the dietary sources, even though 30 to 45 percent of male adults aged 60 and above suffer from zinc deficiency, as per to a recent study. The health hazards of over intake of zinc differ based on the quantity of zinc and the length of time you intake.


The warning signs of zinc pollutants can be at once very clear, acute or may be chronic in nature. If you go beyond the suggested every day intake of zinc then you may perhaps show few signs of vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, severe pain in the stomach, low energy and so on.  The over intake of zinc i.e. 150 to 450 mg on a daily basis may perhaps re4sult in dreadful conditions such as iron or copper deficiency. It is also reported that a single dosage of 10mg zinc can be very dangerous to health as wealth.

Zinc for sure helps your body for further growth and development and with that it even perks up your immune system.


Do not go over the advisable everyday intake of zinc unless you are directed by your health expert. Visit your doctor if you really want to take these supplements or maybe a nutritionist who will suggest you in a much better way. As per to a recent study, it is stated that not all the zinc supplements are safe for daily intake or effectual. Few of the products which you might buy may not even contain zinc. So if you begin to show the warning signs of over consumption of zinc then seek medical care.