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Exercise your Brain Muscles to Enhance your Memory

Many individuals do not pay much attention to the mental fitness which is also an important part of any fitness program. The memory fitness is required not just for older men but also for men who younger and middle age man and women.

The most important fact is to understand that brain is just like a small muscle tissue and it needs to worked continuously to keep it healthy and in good working condition. It is common that as adults we do not learn anything new especially after schooling .i.e. after the age of 20. As soon as you reach the age of 50 the memory is already weakened and you have problems remembering names and phone numbers. The individual who have kept the interest in learning alive are always active mentally and their brains work better than any other individual of their age.

Manage your Diet: Diet is the major player in enhancing your memory. If not proper nutrition is fed to0 the brain, it will lose its charm and degrade and because of which an individual may snap very easily. Once should take efforts to include brain food in their regular diet. The brain should receive its vitamins and minerals required to function properly. Brain foods such as sea food which include omega 3 folic acids should be consumed on regular basis. Walnuts looks like a brain muscle and also helps to provide the correct amount of nutrition required for the brain to function normally. Omega 3 is one source of vitamin which is not available easily, it is better to consume this essential brain food in the form of supplements.

How to Increase Memory Power?

Some dietary supplements such as AVH Brain are helpful in providing the brain the required amount of oxygen for it to function properly. It helps to guard the brain against the toxic substances that can damage the brain. Play video games, crosswords, learn a new language as they all help to boost the memory power and an individual can enjoy a normal and healthy life.