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Extend Your Bedtime Pleasure with Penegra

When it comes to sexual pleasure, some men often faces inability to reach the desired erection required for completing a satisfying session. This condition is referred as impotency wherein with continuous efforts; man fails to please his partner because of his loose penile erections. Well, with the accomplishment of Penegra to the market, man has now begun to live their dream of having a pleasurable bedtime with his loved one until both of them reach the wished climax.  This pill has actually been best gilt until date by the medical science for the men who wanted to prove their masculinity in terms of sexual behavior.

Penegra as an anti-impotent pill is a generic phase of brand name Viagra. Thus, it possesses all the amazing qualities like its branded counterpart. This medicine shows quick and amazing results as its dissolves immediately after been consumed with the sip of water.  When it comes to safety about men’s health after the intake of this pill, then leave your uncertainties as Penegra is approved trustworthy by FDA.

The basic strength of Penegra is 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. one should however consult the authorized doctor for right prescription as per concerning your health and age as well. This little tablet is filled with active ingredient that helps men in giving precious moment of their life that too at reasonable cost yet without any mandatory prescription.

Working and Directions to consume Penegra:-

Nothing special you need to do to consume the pill. Prior an hour, you intent to do the intercourse take one 100 mg pill with glass of water and gulp it. Do not chew or crush the pill. Gradually, the Sildenafil Citrate (the chief and active chemical) in the medicine starts responding the sexual behavior thereby fighting will all the blockages caused by PDE5 enzyme.

PDE5 enzyme is actually responsible for blocking the blood flow to the organ, which in turn causes male impotency. So, when this pill is consumed it briskly combats the working of PDE5 enzyme and expands the blood vessels making it possible for blood to flow easily into the organ. This then makes the organ strong, long and hard- perfect for fulfilling all the desired sexual craves.

The medicine won’t show the magic instantly, rather it will steadily start the wonders after 30 minutes of consumption and stays long up to five hours.

The recommended dosage should not be overdosed as this can affect adversely on one’s health. In case, if you fall prey to long span erection, painful erections or other side effects  then ask for medical help. Whatever it comes, do not exceed more than a single pill within 24 hours.

The amazing part fact of Penegra is that it is effective and affordable, which make it easier even for the common man to buy it. You can also buy it through any online medicinal store.