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FDA Slams a Ban on BPA in Baby Bottles

Bisphenol A is the most controversial chemical which has been recently banned from usage in baby bottles; this action was taken by FDA who is motivated for the health of the kids as BPA can severely damage the health of the young ones. This movie was initiated by the American chemistry council; this issue was raised to make citizens more comfortable when it comes to buying these items.

Bisphenol A has a tainted history, with lots of consumer recommend groups directed to research suggesting that the chemical might interfere with hormones as well as trigger a number of unhealthy alterations in babies and adults, such as cancer, weight problems and growth/reproductive issues.

Bisphenol A – Definition:

It is a chemical which is mostly used in the manufacture of epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics.

Where is it found?
The best place to find this chemical is polycarbonate plastics and is also found in some foods and drinks. Some of the products are baby bottles, medical devices, glue resins, high impact devices, compact discs etc. Some the dental sealants also happen to use this chemical.

The source of penetration in Body:
Air, dust, diet and water are the main sources that BPA can actually enter a human body. It is mainly present in some food items and beverages that can expose the human bodies to this dangerous chemical. The reason it can enter food products is through the epoxy coatings that can be found in can coatings, tableware, containers that are used to store foods, water bottles and baby bottles. The inclusion of this chemical depends on the temperature of these water bottles.

FDA has banned usage of BPA in baby care products like baby bottles like sippers. All baby bottles as well as sippy cups bought today are actually free from this chemical. Because producers of baby products have actually abandoned Bisphenol A additives during these products, the actual FDA states there’s no requirement for FDA rules permitting this kind of use.

The actual FDA law comes in reaction to a request by the American Chemistry Council which actually opposes efforts to limit the supply of BPA. Many consumers consider this action of FDA as half hearted and say that the chemical like BPA should be banned from all consumer products, while the FDA has so far managed to skip these questions and has replied that this just a baby step in order to ban from all consumer goods.

FDA has finally starting accepting consumers petition to ban BPA from all consumer products and is striving hard to accomplish this humungous task. Though this chemical is most commonly found in plastic bottles and is also present in the internal coatings of the canned products. In a separate statement, the Food and drug administration proposes the ban upon BPA in infant method cans — not really for security reasons, however because producers have deserted such make use of the chemical; requesting this particular ban.

Bisphenol A is used to make hard plastic items such as polycarbonates, toilet papers etc, it is also found in glue resins and is definitely a harmful product, when this chemical was tested on animals, it was noticed that it can lead to various types cancers. If a high amount of BPA is found in human body, it can lead to thyroid problems, heart diseases, neurological disorder and reproductive abnormalities. There are various organizations in this world which have requested their state heads to ban BPA ion consumer goods as this chemical is dangerous to human health and it can lead to various health issues. Since its ban from the baby products has just ignited the fire, sooner the awareness will spread and people will start following the lead to ban this chemical.

Till now there has been no human that has been affected by Bisphenol A, but we never know what the future holds for us, as precaution is better than cure.