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Fight Immunity Weakness in Children

boost-immunity-in-kidsIt is often seen that children as small as below 8 years are victims of sinuses, asthma, regular cough and cold, sore throats etc. These diseases result into weakness in immunity. In order to get rid of these diseases children are given capsules. However, too much capsules can be harmful. So it is better to increase immunity and end these diseases in a natural way. But before that we have to know the reasons behind such weaknesses.

Reasons behind weak immunity in children

  • Less or inadequate sleep – during the sleep the white blood corpuscles breed in the body and fights off unwanted viruses and bacteria. So lesser sleep will hamper the immune system in children. They need enough sleep to grow stronger.
  • Improper diet – high intake of sweetened food, refined food, preservatives and food containing artificial colour can damage your child’s immune system and thus the body has no antibodies to fight with these toxins.
  • Exposure to smoking or gas ejected by car can often reduce your kid’s immunity level. They contain high level of carbon dioxide and hampers blood circulation.
  • Bad emotional atmosphere within the house or the area the child is living can often result in weak immune system. Even a death of a pet can affect the child.
  • The children who spend most of the time inside the house has lower immunity as exposure to sun causes the breeding of T- cells, a type of white blood cell that helps in growing the immune system.
  • Premature birth or chronic illness like allergies or asthma can also reduce immunity in kids.
  • Lack of proper exercise leads to weakness in immunity. The body gets lethargic and thus creates an imbalance in metabolism.

Ways to improve immunity

  • Give them more vegetables and fruits– They contain high amount vitamin C and anti oxidants that helps to built up a good immune system. The main work of an anti oxidant is to go to various parts of our body through blood and protect the tissues from damage. Fruits like papaya, strawberries, blue berries, pink grape fruit etc contribute a lot to build up the immunity. Among the vegetables are soy products, broccoli, tomatoes etc. Milk products like yoghurt, buttermilk also helps in supplying micro organisms that increases immunity.
  • Let them eat more natural fats– Omega 3 fats are the natural fats that help to boost up the immune system. Cold water fish like salmon contains these fats and they activate the Macrophages which eats all the unwanted bacteria. Give your child at least three ounce a week to eat these cold water fishes. Other substitutes are the fish oil capsules which were recommended by our older generations. So if these fishes are not available then you can opt for any fish oil capsules.
  • Try to limit the sugar intake– Excess sugar consumption leads to weak immunity as they damage the immune system.
  • Plenty of play outside for the children help to increase the immunity as the direct exposure of skin to sunlight produces T-cells that repairs the damaged tissues.
  • There is no substitute to exercise. Exercise maintains your blood circulation and thus helps built up good immune system.