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Fight the Peeving Impotency with Penegra

Erectile dysfunction or Impotency is a sexual disorder that can affect men’s life at any point of their age.  This condition arises when a man fails to reach the desired penile erection, which is required to satisfy the female partner.  Because of this, it becomes difficult for men to reach the level of satisfaction while performing in the bed.  The peeving and dissatisfying sexual performance brings in unhappiness in their life.  At such times, opting for an appropriate option can help you to fight this sexual disorder and Kamagra is indeed, a better option!

How effective is Penegra on ED?

Prior we get into the functions and procedure of Penegra, let’s understand on how erection actually takes place.

An erection is nothing but a chain of action that begins in the man’s reproductive organ when he is sexually on.  This gives signal to the nervous system, which in turn discharges cGMP- a chemical that causes penile erections.  The cGMP reaches to the organ through blood and starts reacting on sexual stimulation.  The main activity of this chemical is to relax the penile muscles and broaden up the blood vessels. Furthermore, this action enhances the blood flow to the organ, which ultimately makes it strong, hard and erect.

However, in the case of ED sufferers, an enzyme named PDE5 blocks the working of cGMP chemical and slows down the reaction. Because of this interruption, the process of erection is hinders and thus affects his sexual behavior.

The only way to beat the working of PDE5 enzyme is through Sildenafil Citrate based medicine, Penegra, which is also known as PDE5 inhibitor, works superbly against this enzyme and removes all its blockages.  Besides this, it also increases the blood flow, which results in sustaining the erection for longer period.

Dosage of Penegra:

Penegra is available in various dosages out of which 100 mg is its standard dose. Moreover, there are certain dosage tips and cautionary measures that one should know. If neglected, it can invite other health issues.  The concerning doctor would recommend the required dosage based on your health and severity of the condition.

This being the strong medicine, men should not consume more than one pill in 24 hours. Overdose could cause serious health complications. Besides, this medication works only when a man consuming it is aroused sexually.  Moreover, this medicine takes some time to dissolve into the blood and react on sexual stimulation, it is suggested that one should take this pill an hour prior getting involved into such activity.

Side effects and Precautions:-

Penegra is made for a fit and healthy.  This implies those going through any kind of health problems should avoid taking this pill. Also, men who are under nitrate medications or seeking treatment for cardio vascular, high blood pressure, diabetes or heart problems should stay away from this medicine.  There are some temporary side effects associated with this medication, which includes nausea, fewer, blurry vision, dizziness etc.   In any case, if you fall prey to such symptoms then consult your doctor immediately.