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Find Out How Weight Loss Can Affect Your Sexual Behaviour

Human body comprises of muscles that are instrumental in each and every possible bit of movement of any of the body parts. Sexual actual intercourse is no exception. It involves vigorous movement of almost the entire body and its parts. Since being performed at various postures, intercourse involves movement of a lot of smaller muscles which are not utilized otherwise in daily life. Hence, lack of workout will cause a decline in flexibility of the same as one grows older. Weight loss by physical exercise helps to increase muscle flexibility.

Therefore, one must follow a set of physical exercises daily in order to keep the muscles flexible and active. This will lead to an increase in resistance power of the muscles against fatigue and one definitely will enjoy a better sexual act if he does not have to constantly worry about getting fatigued. This is truer in case of men as they actively take part in sexual act in order to stimulate the woman. In general, the fitness training includes general exercises to activate the muscles that further pave way for sexual act-specific muscle training. These exercises help to increase the stamina to perform in sexual act. The below mentioned points find out how physical workout is sexual actually helpfully for men:

Gaining of upper body strength – During sexual act, men utilize most of the upper body parts and muscles therein e.g. chest, neck, abdomens, limbs etc. These are applicable in any postures of sexual act where the man takes an active part. Workout will increase flexibility and strength of the same which will be able to support the body weight for a longer period of time making way for an effortless intercourse.

Increase body flexibility – Sexual act involves so much working out of body muscles in the form of changing postures, holding the partner at grip and penetration at various rates that it will be difficult to carry out the same if the same are not flexible. Any stiffness in muscles is very likely to cause cramp that won’t only hamper the intercourse but can also completely destroy the mood. Therefore, men should always have their body in a flexible state of mind that will help to keep himself as well as the partner happy for much longer period in life.

  • Strengthening of the main muscles – The core muscles involved in sexual act include those of the abdomen, hips and backbone. These muscles provide the maximum thrust during intercourse. Cramp or fatigue in the same will lead to back or abdominal injuries that incapacitate a person’s performing ability. Developed abs muscles also give the desired shape of the body that women enjoy hugging the most during intercourse.
  • Stamina increase – Last but not least, weight loss increases stamina by shredding of the extra fat.

To stay fit men must

A) Keep fit and stay flexible in order to be able to perform

B) Be in a good shape that increases attraction in the eyes of a woman. A combination of the above two will make a man a perfect sexual act partner to the lady.