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Five Promising Super Foods To Shed Your Weight

For years, a lot of research has been done to associate super foods to the upholding of our bones, enhanced eyesight, the capability to keep the human brain and mind sharp and the avoidance of numerous chronic disorders. In more of the recent cases that have been done in the past years, research and proof now say that the food which falls under the category of super food can even help people in the long run in making people look slender and stay fit at the same time.

This article focuses on the top super foods which support weight loss and even tell you the easy ways where it becomes less difficult to add them in their everyday routine. Given below are few super foods that you must add to your everyday diet.

Black beans

A single cup of black beans includes 12 grams of protein and on the other hand cuts off the all the unsaturated fats which are more or less found in lean red meat. Here you can try replacing red meat with all the best sources of black beans every now and then.


Healthy carbs are all found in oats and these are a good source of perking up the metabolism and even burn much of the fat. Ever since oats are found to be high in fiber content, you will feel noticeably full on the tummy and without a doubt the sensation of fullness will do away with the need for munching all through the entire day.


Not every kind of fats is seen as bad. These contain the essential compound which is called as oleic acid which is considered as healthy mono saturated fats. Such fats have the aptitude to cause your body to do away with the hunger cravings or tempts. An everyday dosage of avocado can really help put away all the undesired body fat and even offers big amounts of healthy fiber and protein.


This is one big source of lean protein and this is something which is full of monounsaturated fats. A research has been done on this particular thing and it says that people who tend to eat such kind of fats lose at least 9 pounds of weight on an average. This is the reason on why you must include this in your daily diet in order to gain all the needed benefits.

Green tea

This includes strong antioxidants that help people bur their calorie and fats. This one cup of hot beverage in actual fat helps in hydrating the body just the same as it does with water and it keeps you full the entire day. It even lets your body drop down excessive pounds from your body. Sipping at least 4 to 5 cups of this everyday can help in shedding oodles of weight.