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Follow the Legacy, Train like a Boxer if not one

Though boxing is considered a brutal sport, it does have various benefits that will define you as an athlete if you follow the sport. History has proved that boxers are the best athlete as boxing is a very demanding sport. This sport demands fitness, balance, power, agility, speed, strength and endurance. It is definitely an ultimate sport. If you do not wish to get beaten up and just want an amazing workout article then you are at the right place.

Exercises followed by Boxers:
Burpees is a workout which will remind of the school days; but it just get tougher as you grow up and decide on finally performing this workout. This is one of the best workouts which will help you elevate your endurance levels. This is must include exercise in your charts and it should be top of it.

How to perform Burpees: Burpees is followed by shifting your body from a standing position to the push up and transferring all your weight to the upward leap that you have to take to come back to the original standing position. This workout will help you improve your endurance and will stabilize muscles.
Punching Bands:

Punching Bands: 
The boxing training is not complete until you throw some punches in the air. To add power to your punches add resistance bands to your workouts. Elastic bands are the perfect training tools that will help you target the required muscle and will also add to endurance

How to Perform: The best way to begin this workout is by anchoring the band from behind, hold bands in each hand and start punching in air. It is important to increase the tension of the resistance bands to increase your level of fitness.

Explosive Push Ups:
Explosive pushups are a must addition to this workout routine. This exercise will help you shape the whole new dynamics. This workout is used by boxers to increase their punching speed and add strength to the punches.

How to Perform:
It’s normal push up, but on your way up add a clap to the push up, this will strengthen your core and will elevate endurance.