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Foods That Are Believed To Be Healthy but Are Not

In this article, we dig some more and explore five healthy foods that are unhealthy but believed to be healthy are as follows:

1. Wheat bread: Some people believe that wheat bread is a healthy food compared to white bread. But, it is not true. You should check the nutritional facts label on the packet of wheat bread before buying it. If the ingredients include whole grain like rye, it is purely made of whole grains. Whole grains provide more nutrients and fiber that help in losing belly fat. Many wheat breads come in dark color. Both white and wheat bread are almost similar when it comes to nutrition. So, it doesn’t matter whether you buy white or wheat bread. The important thing is to check the ingredients and choose the bread made of whole grains than just wheat. Wheat bread is one of those foods that are unhealthy.

2. Baked Potatoes:Baked potatoes are one of the favorite foods for dieters. This food provides calories and it is covered with skin that is nutritious. But, the starch of these potatoes when absorbed into the body gets modified into sugar. People who are diabetic or people suffering from metabolic syndrome should stay away from potatoes. These foods can accumulate blood glucose, which is unhealthy.

3. Fat-Free foods: Food companies make a fool of us by labeling their products as fat free. But they never mention the fact that fat has been replaced by sugar. Your fat free snacks could be putting abnormal amount of sugar inside your body. Abnormal blood sugar levels are the main reason for belly fat. If you are concerned about how much amount of sugar is hidden in your diet, avoid these fat free processed foods available in the market. Instead of fat free foods, choose full fat foods but the intake should be moderate.

You should be careful while choosing fat-free diet snacks and frozen meals. The reason is amount of sodium, sugar and synthetic flavor enhancers included in these foods might harm your health. Satisfy yourself by eating moderate version of your favorite foods. It is much healthier and satisfying if you make a habit of portion control with your foods. So, avoid processed fat-free foods which are believed to be healthy foods that are not healthy.

4. Diet drinks:Diet sodas are associated with metabolic syndrome as per the studies. People who consume diet sodas tend to become overweight when compared with people who don’t drink it. The artificial sweeteners used in these diet sodas can make your body generate more insulin. It causes major side effects. It will make you hungry and your body becomes invulnerable to insulin.

Eat healthy and stay fit should be the mantra of every man. If any of these foods is in your daily routine, change it with a healthier alternative and keep enjoying the benefits of a healthy body, mind and soul.