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Foods that do not let you Sleep

Some reports say that the late night munching habits does lead to multiplication of weight but there are various conflicting views on the same subject. The school of belief says that it does not matter if its day or night, whenever you consume fats the body can easily accept it and cope with it. Some other reports mention about the timings as to when did you have your last meal? Some examples about the shift workers are mentioned in the report saying that they are overweight and obese because of the irregular timings. The gain in weight depends on the way we sleep and the time when we consume our last meal.

This article discusses the type of foods that will keep you awake all night and some foods that will help you sleep better, all you have to do is make a wiser choice and adapt a better and healthy lifestyle to combat the daily and get a perfect 8 hours nap that help you rejuvenate and will keep fresh all day long.

Foods that you should avoid:

Caffeine: Nobody can have a coffee and fall asleep before bedtime, it’s not possible but even dark chocolates contain a sufficient amount of caffeine to keep you awake the whole night.

Foods high in Fat: These foods a rich in oil and cheese and they actually rest in the digestive tract while you try to sleep thus making it uncomfortable for the body to digest the unwanted fats.

Nuts: Nuts have given many individuals sleepless night, nuts are healthy but their slow absorption rate makes it difficult for the body to digest them.

Ice cream: Avoid the intake of sugar in any form before hitting the bed; avoid candies, ice creams, sweet cereals etc.

Spicy foods: Spicy food release endorphins and thus makes sleeping challenging, they may even lead to indigestion and cause stomach pain.

Red meat: Red meat is rich in protein and fats and it takes time for the body to digest proteins and fat thus making it difficult for you to sleep.