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Foods that do wonders to your skin

Wherever we read or listen, all we hear is that we should have a nice and healthy diet. This helps us to stay fit. They all say that when we will have a healthy nutrient diet, our body organs will be fit and healthy and thus our body will be away from various problems and diseases.

But, lesser they talk about the relation between healthy food and glowing skin. Yes, there is a relation between two and in fact a direct relation. Whenever we eat, gets digested and then all the nutrient mix with blood. This blood travels through veins and provide all the important minerals to various organs and also the skin. Then these organs react to those minerals and act. So, if you would eat an unhealthy food, you would get a bad skin.

Surprising, isn’t it? Till now it was difficult for us to make a connection between these two. But then now, you know a connection. Now you understand that some people have such a glowing skin and then give credit to their healthy diet. The next question which lies is what we should eat to have a healthy and glowing skin.

For a healthy and glowing skin you would need Vitamin C. This can be found in tropical fruits like pineapple, guava, papaya and others. Vitamin C is the antioxidants and helps your skin to look fresh and glowing. It can also help your skin to produce collagen which can make it compact and flexible.

Green tea has various benefits to our body. It not only keeps our organs fit and fine but also purify the blood and thus helps our skin to look good and great. Not only that, it also reduced the sunburn and other similar effects. It also prevents your skin from skin cancer.

Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A. It is needed as helps to maintain the healthy skin and also can repair the damaged skin tissues. This can be a good moisturizer and can protect your skin. Carrots are also the richer in Vitamin A. Having this in your daily diet can fulfill the need of healthy and fresh skin.

In today’s time, where the environment is full of harmful rays, it is important for one to protect the skin in every possible way. These harmful rays can cause huge damage to your skin. To protect it, you can have broccoli. They are rich in Vitamin C and E. These can prevent your skin from harmful UV rays.

Another rich source of antioxidant is blueberries. This would help your skin to look younger for a longer period of time. And lastly, water is recommended all time. Water helps you clean your skin from all those toxins which can affect them.

Good and healthy skin can make you look younger and then would help you to have a great look. When you start to look younger you get confidence and appreciations. So, don’t wait for any miracle to come, in fact, take these foods and let the miracle happen.