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Foods that enhances a Perfect Good Night Sleep

We often mug about not getting a good night sleep and in this process we always forget that not having a proper diet can also be the reason of bad night sleep. As we all known that after a good night sleep. Out next morning is fresh and sound which keeps our body healthy throughout the day. But if you are facing sleeping troubles than it’s going to affect your daytime too soon. And hence, your health can seriously get affected with a bad sleep and this might lead to serious other illness like heart problems, obesity, diabetes and many others.

Caffeine intake is the major problem seen that many find difficult in getting a sound good night sleep. Thus is so, because, after not getting a good night sleep, you might drink coffee to stay awake in your work time in afternoon and too much can lead to cut back in your sleep.

But it’s not just the relationship between diet and good sleep doesn’t end with caffeine. As there are various other ways one can use foods to get a better sleep in night.

  • Avoid too much excessive drink: One should not let its body get addicted with consumption of alcohol because by over indulging into one can lead to drowiseness but can also bring uncomfortable restlessness in your good night sleep.
  • Ignore spicy and heavy: This is because these foods often can cause heartburn and leads to difficultly in sleep at night.
  • Excessive fat foods should be avoided: It is found that people who eat too much of fatty foods are unable to have a good night sleep in the night. Hence, such people should lower their fatty food intake and have balance intake of omega-3 fatty acids every day, because eicosapentaenoic acid found in fishes like trout, salmon, and tuna, helps sleep induction in brain.
  • Intake cherries in your diet: Cherries are a good source of high nutrients such as vitamins. It also contains melatonin which regulates sleep in human body efficiently. Therefore people finding difficulty in having a good sleep should have fresh or dried cherries before going to bed at night which will help them have better sleep.
  • Have light bedtime snack: Before going to sleep one can opt for dairy and carbohydrates products such as small bowl of whole grain cereal and non-fat milk. This is because carbohydrates helps you get fall asleep faster and dairy products contain tryptophan that regulates sleep in human body.