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Fruit Juice vs. Whole Fruit: The Debate Continues

This is a constant debate that has been on for a very long time and its time to clear the air and get a better idea as to why whole fruit is better and why juices are not that good and what kind of fruit juices should be consumed. The whole fruit is considered a better source of fiber while the fruit juice is the sugar extract of the whole fruit which is tasty and refreshing.

There are lot examples that can be taken from to prove that whole fruit is much better than fruit juice.  For example take my favorite orange juice, the juicy orange contains the white color part which is known as pulp and is a rich source of flavonoids. The flavonoids are required by the body to support many metabolic processes. The flavonoids with vitamin C work together in the body and also support the health of the body.

Now when juice is extracted from a juicy orange the pulpy white part is removed which leads to removal of flavonoids in orange, thus now it’s up to you to decide if you would go for the more tasty orange juice which will be rich in sugar or opt for the whole orange instead which is rich in fiber and also has more benefits as compared to the fruit juice.

Now face the Truth

The fruit juices sold in the market have only very little amount of actual fresh juice and the rest is filled with artificial sweeteners which is definitely helpful for your health. The artificial sweeteners is in the form of sucrose or fructose which will not give you health benefits but will only pile you sugar content in your body, thus do not provide the actual nutrition that you are looking for. Always check your fruit box labels before buying and trust me you will be surprised to see as to where the fruit is mentioned.