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Fulfill Your Sexual Stimulation with Penegra

Penegra is an alternative which is actually a generic version of brand name Viagra. Sildenafil citrate is the parent ingredient present in both the generic as well as the branded medication.  This parent ingredient is the chief molecule present in the medication that helps superbly in tackling with the obstructions that blocks the easy flow of blood to the penile.

Penegra is a medication that helps in treating erection troubles in men so that they can lucratively re-coitus. It is an efficient medication that helps men in regaining their lost pleasure of copulation.

Penegra works amazingly well by actually dilating the blood vessels to the penile and also allows helps easy blood flow. When the penile hardens, these veins get compressed thereby confining the flow of blood till the penile which in turn leads to hard erection. Moreover, the active ingredient present in the medication obstructs PDE5 enzymes that play a vital role in holding back the flow of blood to penile. Considering all these beneficial facts about penegra, it has become more popular in pharmaceutical industry as best anti-impotent medications.  It has been proved to be the excellent oral medication to treat impotency with satisfactory results.

The standard dosage of this medication is 100 mg that has to be taken in a day. You need to ensure that there is 24 hours gap between other dosages; as overdose of these pills can show negative health effects. As the parent molecule present in this medication takes 30 minutes to dissolve in bloodstream, it is recommended to consume the tablet an hour before you plan for coitus.

The medication helps amazingly by improving the endurance wherein you can easily satisfy your partner for about four to five hours. However, the tablet has to be taken only with water. Intake of any fatty stuffs or alcohol can worsen the condition.

Other significant aspect that you need to be acquainted is that this medication works only when a person gets sexually aroused for the act. Being accepted as a safe medication by FDA, anyone can take this efficient and inexpensive medication without any prescription.

Though, you should also checkout your past medical history or medication that you are already pursuing. This is the matter of safety where taking Penegra without any professional advice may show negative health effects. Unlike other medications, intake of penegra with alcohol, nitrate pills or overindulging the intake can adversely affect your health. It might show some side effects like blurry vision, heart problems, vomiting, nausea, painful erection, diarrhea, dizziness etc.  In case if you fall prey to any of these symptoms, rust to your general practitioner without delay.

You can buy it easily from any medical shops or by online pharmaceutical dealers. Shopping through online is the safest and reasonable way to get your anti-impotent solution right till your door step.