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Generic over brand

A branded drug is the one that is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company that is protected from duplication through a patent. The brand name is usually simpler than the generic company. The generic drug on the other hand is opposite to that of the branded drugs. It just satisfies the pharmacodynamic standards. But both of them promise safety, quality, performance and use. The generic drugs are cheaper than the branded drugs.

Thus more amount of money can be saved by the hospitals that use these generic drugs. These drugs are manufactured without attaining permission from the original company that manufactures the original drug. These are manufactured under different names and thus it doesn’t contain a brand name as such. These drugs are sold in the market only when the patent brand is expired. These branded drugs are costlier than the generic ones because of the following factors:

  1. Significant amount of money is spent on the branded drugs, on research and development. Thus higher is the cost of production which directly or inversely affects the on- shelf price of the medicine.
  2. These medicines are manufactured under exclusive rights but generic drugs are not prepared in this way.
  3. They invest much money on the clinical trials but the generic drugs don’t invest much in the clinical trials as they usually have the same ingredients in same quantity.
  4. Lot of money is invested in marketing like media, advertisement etc. but the marketing expenses are limited in the case of generic drugs.

The brand name is given to the branded drug by the person who manufactures it. This is done to make it easy for the medical practitioners and the consumers remember the name. Thus the availability of the generic drugs at the cheaper price than that of the branded ones have resulted in the everlasting demand for these drugs, as it promises the same effect as that of the branded drug.

These generic drugs are used to cure many diseases, mental disorders and also erectile dysfunction; a condition where the men fails to have a hard- on at the time of sexual intercourse or to maintain an erection for a longer time. Thus these drugs help the person to maintain pleasurable and satisfactory intimate relationship.

An example of generic vs branded drug would be, the generic medicine acetaminophen which is a generic medicine that is used to cure various diseases such as fever, arthritis, toothache and cold. The same medicine is available under the brand name Actamin. Thus though the effectiveness of both the medicines is the same, its generic and the brand name varies to a greater extent. Thus the generic drugs are the replica of the branded drugs. The brand names are always capitalized but the generic names are not.

The greatest myth of the generic drug is that it is manufactures in the low-quality medical settings. But the truth is that both generic and brand drugs are superior in quality and serve the same purpose. All the drug manufacturing facilities have the same standards that are being applied according FDA rules and thus none of them are inferior to another.

The other common myth is that these generic drugs take longer time to work and also to provide relief. However, the truth is that both generic and branded drugs have same effectiveness and is approved by the FDA.