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Generic Priligy Helps Love Last Longer

Many people are not comfortable with generic medicines; here is a detailed explanation which will help you resolve all the myths about generic drugs. Generic drugs are mostly sold without any trademarks; hence the prices of these medicines are much cheaper as compared to their branded counterparts. The patency is applied to the actual drug but it does not affect the ingredient used in the medication, the ingredient can still be used by the generic manufacturers. For example Priligy is a medication which is used to treat premature climaxing, the rights of this medication are preserved by it manufacturers, but the component can be used by generic manufacturers.

Let’s take a look at dapoxetine which is the chemical name of the salt used in generic priligy. Premature climaxing remains the untreated and neglected issue form many men. The age group for this disorder is still unknown and it cannot be suspected. The results of dapoxetine are actually overwhelming and they seem to make men last longer in bed. This is an on demand medication and can be consumed when the individual feels performing the sexual activity. The climaxing is delayed by almost 400%, if the medication is consumed as recommended by the physician the drug works effectively.

The dapoxetine component in generic priligy actually reduces the stress level of an individual that he faces during sexual activity. The stress factor could also be related to personal issues which lead to interpersonal complexity. The side effects associated with generic priligy are limited and they do not long for long time. The most common side effects of this medication are dizziness, insomnia, nausea and diarrhea which care common to most medications that are used to treat premature climaxing.

30mg is the most recommended dosage of this medication. Dapoxetine of generic priligy needs to be consumed orally with water at least 1 hour before performing the sexual activity. Generic Priligy is also offered in 60mg for patients who do not benefit from the lower dosage of 60mg.

This medication should not be consumed with alcohol as the effects of the drug can be delayed and this drug should be consumed only once every 24 hours.