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Genital Herpes – The Quirky Virus

Genital herpes is actually a sexually transmitted disease which is caused by a simplex herpes virus. There are only treatments available but there is no cure for his disease. There are only two strains found in this virus and they are HSV 1 and HSV 2. It is the HSV 2 virus that leads to genital herpes. It is still a rough estimate till the time medical scientists come out with a real solution. HSV 1 virus is associated with cold sores.

The herpes virus can be easily transmitted through sexually from one individual to another. This virus can also penetrate through a person’s skin. It is because of the nature of the virus that the symptoms are not noticed early on. The only way to treat this virus is through the strong dosages of antiviral medications. These medicines help to reduce the outbreaks of the virus thus limiting the pain.

Though it is difficult to find out the symptoms of this virus due to its quirky nature. The symptoms however mentioned below will give you a heads up to find out if you have been infected.

The Initial Symptoms of Genital Herpes: The initial symptoms are usually exposed to an individual only after months; these symptoms remain longer and can lead to some painful suffering. The first symptoms of genital herpes are pain when urinating,Constant Headache followed by Fever and symptoms of flu, Itchy and burning sensation around the genitals or affected areas ,Visibility of blisters on the private parts of both men and women,Irregular vaginal discharge.

The Developed Stage:

Some people also suffer from symptoms which are called the developed stage of herpes. They are also referred to as recurrences. These symptoms last longer and take almost 12 days heal depending on the severity of the virus spread. The recurrence stage actually is less painful. The research has proved that women are more prone to the recurrences than men.