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Genuine Generics v/s Contrived Counterfeits

Chronologically it goes something like this; Sildenafil citrate was accidentally discovered to treat erectile dysfunction, Viagra was launched in the market, its patency was registered, generic Viagra started showing up and finally captured a larger chunk of the market share.

This obviously led of Sildenafil wars between the brand and the generics. Soon it led to malignancy of the generics as the brand manufacturers were losing money on their patented drug. The advent of generic Viagra was a boon for the common folks due to its cost affordability. But soon people were confounded between the genuine generics with the contrived counterfeits.

Generics drugs are the ones that are the exact replica of the brand, but are cheaper as they do not indulge in expensive and expansive marketing of the product. This saves them a lot of money and thereby the manufacturers do not burden the customers with these overhead charges. Many well known MNCs are involved in the manufacture of generic Viagra, wherein they prioritize the quality of the drug.

Counterfeit drugs are the ones that are manufactured by non registered companies and are sold under the same name as that of brand drug but at a cheaper prize. People buying these are at risk as these counterfeit drugs are manufactured with certain chemicals that do more harm to the body than any good. At times cartridge inks are used to add the desired color to the tablet or some inert chemicals are used in place of Sildenafil citrate and hence the person using it will have no benefit from it at all. Counterfeit drugs also use the same label of the brand without authorization, its trademark, identical tablet boxes and sachets and so on making it difficult for the customer to differentiate between the two.

The World Health Organization terms a drug spurious based on the below classification:

  1. Drugs manufactured under a name that is already registered with a certain company
  2. Drugs that are a substitute or imitation of another drug, but manufactured within same dimensions so as to purposely deceive the customer
  3. Drugs that falsely claim to be manufactured by a leading or renowned company.
  4. Drugs that duplicate the exact cover of a brand.

Drugs incorporate unauthorized chemicals not deemed fit for human use.