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Get Alert with the Warnings of Gonorrhoea!!!

Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted infection that has various unpleasant side effects. The most common indication that can be seen is swelling, discomfort and discharge in the genital areas. If the condition is kept untreated it can likely lead you to even more serious complications like infections in heart valves and joints. However, its symptoms differ in men than that of women whereas in some cases it is found that symptoms do not show any triggering sign until months after a person gets infected to it.  Moreover, the diagnosis of Gonorrhoea is bit difficult as 10 percent of men and about half of the women do not exhibit any signs.

In order to get Gonorrhoea treated it is very essential to make out the existence of the condition. Even though out of all scenarios, people suffering from Gonorrhoea will exhibit certain types of symptoms and they are as follows:

Symptoms of Gonorrhoea seen in men:-

  • Abnormal discharge from the tip of the penile region. The discharge can be yellow, white or green in appearance.
  • Burning sensation or throbbing while urinating.
  • Inflammation and irritation on the foreskin of the male’s reproductive organ
  • General  Pain or tenderness around the prostate or on the testicles

Symptoms of Gonorrhoea seen in Women

  • Throbbing pain while urinating
  • Pain in the lower abdominal
  • Unusual discharge from the vagina which can be thick white, green like phlegm or yellow in color.
  • Suffering more painful or heavier periods than the usual routine. At times, you might even go through bleeding in between periods.

Also toting up problem to make out Gonorrhoea is actually a fact that it can taint other parts of the body too.  For instance, an infection caused in the rectum may show off similar signs like discharge, itching and pain. Meanwhile, the infection in throat normally does not have any warning indications at but infection in eyes that can cause discomfort, pain and swelling.

In some of the cases, Gonorrhoea can also be passed from pregnant lady to her little one and the symptoms can be usually noticed as red irritating and painful swelling of eyes with conjunctivitis.