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Get Ladygra to Reignite the Lost Passion

Ladygra is safe if used appropriately following the recommended guidelines. It is a scientifically formulated remedy to offer intense gratification to a woman during intercourse to derive optimum pleasure. It also boosts the orgasms as well as augments the chances of experiencing multiple orgasms. You can take the medicine on empty stomach or after having a low fat containing meal. Even I was reluctant to try on Ladygra at first, but after navigating through the reviews and feedbacks on Internet, I went ahead to try it. To my amazement, the effects were mind blowing, as I regained my lost passion and was able to satisfy myself as well as my husband like never before.

In addition, buying Ladygra is never a problem, as you can simply order it from the comforts of your home with a just a few clicks.

Ladygra addresses the following health problems in women:

  • Boosts your libido and reduced sexual drive
  • Enhances the excitement levels during the foreplay before the actual intercourse, which in turn helps to have a satisfying and pleasurable intercourse
  • Assists in enlargement of clitoris as well as regulates blood flow in and around the vaginal area
  • Increase the sensation during intercourse
  • Speeds up the arousal and climax time
  • Boosts orgasm as well as increases the likelihood to experience multiple orgasms
  • Creates frequent and hiked interest in having enjoyable intercourse

What more to expect?

Ladygra is the ultimate solution for all those women, who are seeking optimum pleasure from intercourse.

  • The medicine along with Sildenafil Citrate (active element) works by boosting the blood flow near the genital area as well as boosts vaginal compliance to provide intense pleasure and satisfaction during intercourse
  • The medication kick starts its effects in 45 minutes after consumption
  • The effects last for around 4-6 hours thus, you get plenty of time to delve into the erotic pleasures
  • For quick results, you need to take Ladygra on empty stomach

Side Effects to Watch Out:

Like with all the other medications, intake of Ladygra too may trigger some side effects in some women. However, these are mild effects and fade away within a few hours.

Some common effects include stomach problem, headache and facial flushing.


In case you have any queries pertaining to the side effects and other issues with Ladygra, then it is advisable to consult your doctor to clear up the same immediately before taking the medicine.

Make sure to store the medication away from the reach of kids. Do not take multiple dosages of the medication in a day. In case of overdose, seek instant medical attention or rush to the nearest healthcare emergency center to thwart permanent damages. Most importantly, consult your doctor before using Ladygra to make sure that the medication is completely safe for you. The doctor after assessing your health will be able to tell you whether the medicine will be helpful to you or not.