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Get rid of unwanted hair with the hair removal techniques

Plucking, bleaching, threading, shaving and what not – all men and women have tried these methods to get rid of the unwanted hair but the respite would be short lived. More of a quick fix than permanent solution, these are time consuming as well. There are certain areas in our body where the unwanted hair growth could be hidden like the legs but what about the face. Also you could use the razor or other bleaching products which would make them lighter but they remain to be very much there.

Thanks to the modern technology today you can get rid of these unwanted hairs completely or results up to 99% success rates could be achieved. Let us see what hair removal options are there for you.

Laser removal: the hair follicles are destroyed using a beam of high frequency light. This causes the hair to fall out. This technique is considered to be fruitful for people with fairer skin and suffering from dark and unwanted hair. The laser beam targets the dark hair and then makes them fall out. It is an expensive treatment but the success rate is high. It takes around 6 to 8 weeks to get rid of such hair but time period depends on the hair, the growth and the skin type too. It is better that you go to a dermatologist than a spa or a parlor. Dermatologists have much expertise and relevant experience.

Electrolysis: this is a permanent hair removal technique but it is a slow process. So people prefer it only for facial hair removal. As each strand of hair is treated and destroyed so it is time consuming but the results are permanent. A person needs to undergo multiple sessions for permanent results and it is expensive too. The person might also experience some pain as it involves the use of needle and also a jolt of electricity is applied to the hair follicle to destroy it permanently.

Buffing pads: this is another technique for hair removal in which there is no pain experienced. The pad slips easily under your palm and whisks away unwanted hair. As the hairs are pulled out the same pad exfoliates so you feel soft skin later. The pros of this technique is that the person does not feel any pain and it is also a cheap alternative to the above two methods’. But yes the hairs grow back after two weeks or depending on the hair growth.

Waxing: this is the most common hair removal method and everyone is aware about it too. This is also an extremely affordable option. Another big advantage is that you could do it yourself as well. Though it is more effective than shaving but the hair grows back after a month. Also some women could experience more pain and also develop a rash.

Eflornithine: this is an active ingredient which retards the facial growth but one should use it only after a prescription. As the hairs are not removed so you again get dependent on the other methods for hair removal. Also one could develop acne on the spot of the usage.

So we conclude that for permanent hair removal you will need to spend big amount. But there is no harm as well. Consider the monthly expenditure on these products and then look at the one time investment which is permanent too. Decide by yourself what suits you the best.