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Getting over alcoholism

To those who are seriously planning to get rid of alcohol habit here are few helpful tips:

1. Self confidence and motivation along with true and firm desire to quit is the best formula to get rid of alcoholism. So if a person is seriously thinking to quit this habit then he has to be self confident about his decision. He must never think of the failures that he confronted whenever he made up his mind to quit this habit. He must be always an optimist.

2. A person always knows the weakness of him. Sometimes the weakness may be negligible. But if the question is regarding taking the alcohol then it is very necessary for a person to trace out the areas that act as the weakness for him and compel him to drink more. So a person should always try to avoid those areas so that he may never be tempted to drink alcohol.

3. A person always wishes to experience the good times he had in the past. But it is a normal tendency of a person to think of something else when he recalls the bad times. So a drunkard should always think of the bad experiences he had incurred in the past due to alcoholism. This will boost up his confidence to quit drinking as he feels it is harmful to his life.

4. Always try to speak in a positive tone with others about your plan to quit alcohol. If your voice is not confident then naturally it hinders your confidence. So always try to give positive reasons as to why you want to quit alcohol. When you talk aloud with others the same will be heard by your ears and which re-confirms your idea of quitting the alcohol.

5. Whenever you think of self denying the habit then don’t forget to think about the positive outcomes of this decision. Always see yourself more healthy, active and happy after you quit drinking. Have a mantra that once you start thinking of quitting this habits the more healthier and happier you become.

6. Try to change the habits once you decide to quit alcohol. Think of some alternative at the times you used to drink alcohol. An alcoholic always take alcohol at the time of having food or as a substitute to food. So try to have small meals at least 3 servings per day that satisfies your desire and keeps you contented. You may thus switch over your ideas to some food items that promise you good health.

7. Friends shape our lives to a great extent. So a person should be very careful while choosing friends at the time of quitting alcohol. If his friends too are alcoholics then he should try to avoid them as they may act as a tempting force to the alcoholic. He must try to make friendship with those who are the mirror image of what he wants to become.

8. He must recognize the ill effects of having alcohol may it be the physical effect like kidney failure, cancer, liver problems etc or the mental effects like stress, depression, loss of memory and lack of concentration. This helps him to decide what is right and what is wrong.

Thus a person intending to quit alcohol must see this as a challenge than as a mirage and must try to accomplish this objective within a specific time