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Green Tea for Hair Fall – Benefits and Usage

Losing few strands of hair could be normal, noticing clump of hair daily after combing could be really terrifying and worrisome.  Though this is the common issue seen among people these days, but many are still finding it difficult to manage these issues.  Well, you either love it or not, but a uniquely flavored green tea has served several benefits which also radiates through scalps.  It has actually proved beneficial in treating hair fall problems; let us have a look on how this herbal tea helps in dealing with hair fall problems.

Green tea comprises catechin in huge amount, which holds back the working of 5-alpha reductase enzyme.  This enzyme changes the testosterone into dihydrotestosterone or DHT.  This particular compound curtails the life of hair follicles and reduces hair fall.  Besides this, green tea is also known as a rich source of anti-oxidants that enhances the condition of hair, scalp and makes the skin glow by restricting the negative actions of free radicals in the body.  Moreover, this tea also improves the blood circulation in the scalp.  Due to smooth flow of blood, more nutrients reach into the body, which in turn prevents hair fall.

How to use Green Tea for dealing Hair Fall problems?

  • For hair re-growth, you must intake at least five cups of green tea daily.
  • Obviously, this cannot lead to instant results, but within six months of daily consumption, you can surely notice the drastic change in your hair fall problems.
  • Hair re-growth can be achieved and balding can be prevented if green tea is applied directly into the hair or on the scalp.  For this all you need to do is apply the freshly prepared green tea (when cooled) over the hair.  You can even add yogurt to the tea for best results. After an hour of application, rinse it off.
  • Rubbing the solution of green tea mixed with yogurt on the scalp can also be helpful. Mask it on the scalp and hair for 30 to 45 minutes. It also nourishes and revitalizes your hair.

How does Green Tea helps in Hair Growth?

  • The epigallo catechin 3-gallat present in the green tea refreshes the hair follicles by stimulating the dermal papilla cells.
  • Besides this, the panthenol elements present in green tea is known to comprise a strengthening effect, which is general found in hair repairing shampoos.
  • The high concentration of polyphenols present in the Green Tea works as a great antioxidant.
  • This tea not only helps in re-growth, but at the same time; nourishes your hair and manages dandruff and minimizes the pattern hair fall.

Green tea assures safe and effective treatment for hair fall, thus, start drinking this amazing beverage and prevent hair fall.