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Hair fall that can be controlled by Exercises

You can also deal with hair fall in many other ways than medicines. You may do so with help of some exercises. You can also try out some yoga exercises that can energize your nerves. There are some nerve points that can be worked upon. These can help you to increase hair growth. You may even get your scalp massaged mildly to aid bring

  • Yoga– In yoga, an asana called as shirshasana is especially beneficial for hair fall. This can also be called as a headstand as in means balancing the body weight on the head taking the support of a wall and hands. The exercise lasts for 30 minutes and should be repeated 10 times daily. Within a month, people have reported a decrease in the level of hair fall. This pose takes the help of the gravity and increases the blood supply to the scalp.
  • Bend and Knuckle– This again involves standing with your legs apart while breathing in and out slowly. Stand in this position for a few minutes and then lean forward till the head is in the same line as the waist. In this position, gently pat the head with the knuckles 5 to 6 times.
  • Head movement– Stand straight breathing in and out. Look straight and then turn the head in right direction 5 times and then left direction 5 times. Post this; the person has to come to the original position. Now bend the head in the front 5 times and at the back 5 times.
  • Join your hands together with the finger interweaving and place your head on that. Post this you can put your head up and down. This exercise should be performed for at least 5 minutes in a day.


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