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Hair Loss – Save a Hair Today

Hair loss can be a very frustrating issue for some men and it is better to treat this issue in time before the matter gets out of hand and you have no hair left on your scalp. The main reason that is considered for hair loss is the increase of an enzyme known as DHT. Men who have higher levels of DHT are the ones who suffer from hair loss, in order to fix this issue and stop hair loss the DHT enzyme should be reduced. The other problems associated with hair loss are dandruff, unhealthy scalp etc.

There are various treatments offered to treat hair loss, some treatments are through medications and hair loss lotions, some are herbal and home remedies. Some of the treatments are mentioned below. Save a hair today…

Diet: A healthy balanced diet is the main reason for hair loss. Good nutrition and proper diet helps to keep your scalp healthy. Increase the intake of raw vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Vitamins & Minerals: Fruits and veggies are a good source for vitamins and minerals but they cannot satisfy the intake required on daily basis. It is important to include multivitamins in your diet.

Water: An adult male should consume at least 4 liters of water every day to satisfy the requirement of the body. The deal here is to always remain hydrated as dehydration can lead to various other problems.

Sleep: 8 hours of sleep is a must. It is reported that people who slept less not only suffered from hair loss but also developed various health problems.

Accessories: Usage of herbal shampoos as compared to other chemical shampoos is better choice, as the harmful chemicals in anti dandruff shampoos can damage your hair beyond repair.

Hair Transplant: If nothing helps then it is time for a hair transplant treatment, address the issue to a good dermatologist and seek his advice on this issue.