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Have a cigarette free mouth naturally?

Cigarette harms your health, but for some it acts as an important part of the life. For smokers, it is a way through which they relax themselves, they get new ideas and they feel fresh with every puff. If they are smoking in an open place then there is no chance of leaving behind the cigarette smell back but when it is a closed place like a house, office or restaurant, the smell stays back.

This smell would be irritating to other people who are either present over there or would be coming to that place. So, it is important that one gets rid of that foul smell so that people present over won’t feel irritated. But the main question how? You can’t use room freshener all the time you smoke. So, let us look at the natural ways of getting rid of the cigarette smoke.

  1. Get the smoke out. It is important that you let go all the smoke of cigarette from the room. Open up the windows and allow fresh air to come in. When there will be circulation of air, the smoke will go out easily. You can also switch on the fan to increase the circulation of air.
  2. Clear the ashtrays. If you would clear the ashtrays then the odor won’t go out completely. It is important that as soon as you’ve done with smoking, clear the ashtray and through the waste in the dustbin. Then, keep the ashtray in a place from where there are less possibilities of odor coming.
  3. Mix vinegar and water. You can mix vinegar and water and wipe out the dish and place where you have smoked. The vinegar will cut through the air and help clear the air and environment from smoke odor.
  4. Have a plant in your home. We all are aware that plant helps to clean the environment. It is good if you can have some plant in the room or in your home. The plant will help you to clean the air which contains cigarette smoke odor.
  5. Use baking soda. Baking soda can absorb the foul smell of cigarette. So, before vacuuming the room, sprinkle baking soda on furniture and rugs. While you will vacuum it, the foul odor absorbed by baking soda will go along with it.
  6. Leave peal of oranges. Oranges have acid in them which helps us to have a good health. If you want to get rid of the smell of cigarette then leave the orange peal of it in the room till the time they dry up. This would help you to have a fresh air.
  7. Use coffee ground. There is one easiest way to get rid of the bad odor. Pour some coffee grounds in a coffee filter and tie them with a string and keep it in the areas where you want to get rid of the odor.

These are the few best ways to get rid of the odor but still we would recommend you to have a smoking zone in your area in your home so that other people from the home or office don’t face trouble with your habit of smoking. We all are aware that smoking is not good for health and it affects our health in a very bad way. But, if we are facing the trouble in quitting it then at least we can use techniques which would not trouble the people around us.