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Have an edge with Edegra

Edegra is the form of generic Viagra that is used by the men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. The condition where the men fails to have an erected phallus during sexual intercourse or is unable to maintain the hard- on for sufficient time as required for copulation is known as erectile dysfunction. The main component of this drug is Sildenafil citrate that helps to fight impotence more effectively. It is proved to cure 99 per cent of the erectile dysfunction in men and thus helps to lead a quality life with his mate. Over 75 per cent of the men in the world are suffering from erectile dysfunction to some extent. In severe cases it has led to depression in men and breakage in the bonding with his partner.

It is an effective medication as it shows its effects within a short period of 30 minutes from the time of consumption. It efficaciously combats against the enzyme phosphodiesterase- 5 that is commonly known as PDE-5, which is prime agent to cause erectile dysfunction in men. The Edegra decreases the count of PDE-5 in the body and hence broadens the blood vessels and improves the blood flow into the pelvic region. The enhanced blood circulation enables the person to have strong erectile penis which in turn helps to have deeper penetration in his partner.

The effect of Edegra may persist in the body for approx 4 to 6 hours after the consumption of the tablet. This time is enough to have sexual intercourse several times. Thus, it helps the couple to be contented with the experience. Care should be taken before you eat this medicine only after consulting the doctor or else it may prove to be dangerous. It should be known that Edegra initiates its functioning only based on sexual stimulation or signals passed from the brain to the relevant region. In other words the reproductive organ of the impotent man does experience hard- on only when there is sexual stimulation. Thus, the phallus does not get stiffer on its own. Some people believe that as they have had Edegra they will automatically come to erection, which does not happen in absence of sexual signals. This in turn forces them to presume that Edegra is ineffective. So it is better for a person to understand that Edegra works only if there is some sort of sexual stimulation.

The dosage of Edegra is strictly restricted to only a single pill consumed in a day. If the person takes overdose this dosage then he may have to face several problems like dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, stomach upset and face flushing. In severe or exceptional cases it may also result in heart attack. It must be also noted that having Edegra along with alcohol can also pose severe problems.

The men always want to prove that they are supreme when it comes to sex life. This in turn is dependent on the rate at which they satisfy their partner. Hence, he always wants everything in the bed too straight; that is to have a strong erected phallus at the time of intercourse. The best medicine for all these desires to be fulfilled is the Edegra.