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Hazardous Aspects that can develop A Latex Allergy!

Latex allergies are very commonly seen in the people who make use of products made from latex generally gloves or condoms. Its warning indication can be simple to very severe condition of rashes. The symptoms of this allergy are mostly similar to the signs of hay fever.  Anaphylaxis is the dangerous condition of latex allergy, where a person might go through problems such as breathing issues, blood pressure and possibly death.

Who are at the greatest risk of latex allergy development?

  • Kids with spina bifida: Spina bifida is a defect of birth that affects the spine development in children.  Kids with this condition are highly exposed to the products made of latex through frequent heath care centers. Because of this high exposure, children with spina bifida are more prone to the latex allergies.
  • Health care workers: working in the health care centers also increases the hazards of developing latex allergy. The warning indication of latex allergy might be somewhat similar to those of a lung disease which is caused by inhaling the smell of products in your workplace or due to occupational asthma.
  • People allergenic to food: Foods such as passion fruits, chestnuts, avocados, kiwis and bananas, contain some similar allergens as that found in latex.  Thus there are chances to get allergenic to latex.
  • If you have any family history of allergies: You are at a higher risk of latex allergy if your family history has shown any allergies in the past like hives or hay fever.

Tips to trim down your exposure to Latex

  • Have a test done from your doctor of advice to ensure whether the allergy is latex or not. If it’s yes, then start your treatment and whilst limit your contact with latex products, some even have safer options.
  • If it is compulsory to wear gloves at your workplace then make sure that the gloves is not made from latex. On the other hand, gloves made from vinyl are a great alternative. Also, stay away from the people who are using products made from latex.
  • Make use of condoms that are not made from latex.
  •  Put on a medical alert bracelet.

Latex allergies to latex can be triggered by direct contact with latex or through inhalation, or unintentional injection.