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Health Hazards for Overweight Kids

Causes of Obesity

Obesity or overweight among children is mainly a result of the changing lifestyle. Improper and unhealthy foods do not provide the necessary nutrition. It simply adds calories and leads to kids being overweight.

Yet another reason is today’s unhealthy modes of entertainment. In earlier days, children used to amuse themselves by playing outdoor games. Today the major sources of entertainment for kids are computer games and programs on television sets. This leads to inactive lifestyle that further leads to obesity.

Obesity may even be genetic. If the parents are obese, the children are more prone to be overweight.

Dietary habits can also affect a child’s health. Improper dietary habits can lead to fat accumulation. This leads to poor metabolism and physical inactivity. Lethargy not just causes the child to be overweight; it even leads to a lifetime of inactivity.

Risks Due To Childhood Obesity

It is very difficult to achieve a normal weight by adolescence if you are overweight or obese as a child. Obesity can lead to several other health disorders.

Obese adolescents are more prone to cardiovascular disorders. The heart of obese people is weaker.

The functioning of the human lung is also affected due to obesity. They may even develop asthma or breathing disorder.

Overweight people are also more prone to Type2 Diabetes.

Social Discrimination Caused By Obesity

Children usually tease fat kids. This can affect the child’s self-esteem. It may even hamper his self-confidence. These things may even affect the kid’s academic performance.

How to Help Overweight Kids?

Here are a few tips that may help you guide an overweight child back to a healthy lifestyle.

Children should not usually be put on any strict diet. As kids are growing, they need energy to develop. You must instead focus on exercise for the kids.
If you go for a fixed exercise regime for the child, it can help the child lose weight.
You may replace the children’s indoor games with relatively more active outdoor games.
You must also make sure that the child gets proper nutrition. He should eat healthy food.
You must also help to build the child’s self-esteem. You must never let him be less confident or conscious about his weight.

Treatment for Obese Kids

Are you worried that your child is overweight? Are you worried how it will impact your little one’s future life and health? Kill your anxieties and just visit the doctor. He will suggest the right solution.

He may suggest some healthy diet that can help your child to stay active. Do not put your child on any rigorous health plans. It can impact the child’s health adversely. Always consult your doctor before you decide on any diet plan or exercise regime.