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HIV could be an epidemic? Here’s why…

Mostly people from Africa, few Asian Countries, America, Caribbean and Aboriginal peoples are considered at higher risks. It is a slow degeneration of our body cells and makes us weak. Finally leading to death!

HIV or AIDs is like an epidemic which is spreading at a very high rate. Rather the infection is reported as a global plague. Though there have been quite significant researches in this field but still everyone is awaiting a breakthrough. So far there is no medication which can completely eradicate the medicine. Doctors can only reduce the pain and sufferings but cannot clean the virus of HIV from the system of the infected person. Hence, it is better away from the disease than try to find a cure for it, let’s find out who are more vulnerable men or women or homosexuals.

HIV in men

HIV is one of the most famous sexually transmitted diseases. It is very common among gays, sex workers and people who do not practice safe sex. Some of the real cause for this disease can be listed as:

  • Unsafe Sex
  • Illicit injecting of drugs
  • Repeated use of the same syringe
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Breast feeding by an infected mother

Thus we can state there is no alternative to safe sex and use of new needles while injecting. These are only preventive method to stay from HIV and later AIDs.

How do we contract HIV/ AIDs?

HIV is the initial stage, which later becomes AIDs (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). It is usually transmitted through blood, semen, vaginal fluid and mother’s milk. So, it is always advised to use condom to prevent the spread of this disease.

HIV/ AIDs are not transmitted through saliva or sweat. Though the virus is present in both, but they do not get transmitted or even by sharing same food. It is only when there is infected blood; one can become a victim of this disease.

Apart from that during blood transfusion, HIV/AIDs viruses are transmitted to a healthy person. It is very important to take precaution during transfusion process.

What are the symptoms?

As such there is no symptom for HIV and it is only after 2 to 4 weeks, one can start taking ill. HIV virus basically reduces the immune system. This can cause fever, cough, sneezing or something of the like; but there are no serious symptoms for the disease. Rather, after medication of common cough and cold, one recovers but if it is HIV recurrence could be more frequent. This is the basic difference.

If at all, you fear something like this and are taking ill very frequently it is better to get tested for HIV. A person who is declared positive has a higher chance of staying healthy for a longer duration than one who is diagnosed in the later stage. With proper and timely medication, it is easier to control the degeneration of cells. It is the weakening of cells which is the real problem in HIV/ AIDs.

It is always better to get a routine test done to stay fit and healthy and fight unknown disease.