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HIV Western Blot Test

It is a test which locates the existence of antibodies that happen to be chemical substances manufactured by your body to fight bacteria and other elements. Particularly, the test picks up antibodies to the HIV that may cause AIDS.

A blood sample is required to test HIV antibodies. This really is obtained through drawing bloodstream from vein in the lower arm. To get this done, your skin over the vein is washed with a germ killing agent. Next, a tourniquet is actually wrapped round the upper arm. This enlarges the blood vessels in the wrist by limiting the flow of blood via them. A really thin hook is lightly inserted right into a vein and the tourniquet is taken away. Blood flows in the vein with the needle and it is collected inside a syringe. The collected sample will be sent to a lab to be analyzed further. Following the withdrawal of the needle, the actual pierced site is covered for a limited time to avoid blood loss.

An individual having one of these tests ought to receive directions from a doctor on the way to correctly prepare for the test because a HIV screening process could possibly be the reason behind a lot stress as well as concern. Because of this, some medical professionals may suggest guidance.

As the HIV Western blot is definitely an antibody detection check, its outcomes isn’t going to be correct until the HIV contaminated person seroconverts. Seroconversion explains the method through which the body “responds” towards the viral infection by trying to protect itself via manufacture of antibodies. This method occurs between 2 – 12 months following the infection of the HIV. Nevertheless, most sufferers may seroconvert within six months. After the infected individual has seroconverted, a western bolt positive result shows that the HIV infection exists.