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Home remedies for sun burn

A prolonged exposure to the unprotected sun rays could cause serious damage to your skin. There are some simple home remedies that can ease the sun burn until Mother Nature takes its course and heals the skin. However, it is important to understand that these remedies do not cure or heal you of sun burn. They only ease the skin and make you a little more comfortable. Let us have a look at how simple things found in almost all kitchens can be used to prepare a list of home remedies for that burning sun kiss:

Bathe with oatmeal added to cool water:

Oatmeal is known as an ideal skin soother. When added to cool water, it makes a gentle solution that can help caress the skin and provide the necessary momentary relief. Make sure that the water is not cold as that could send the body into shock after being exposed to blazing sun rays. After a gentle 15-20 minute bath, do not rub your body with a towel; instead air dry it. Oatmeal provides your skin the much coveted first layer of protection after a sun burn.


Apply aloe vera:

Aloe Vera has been used for medicinal and healing purposes for several generations in different religions across different continents. It is known to slow down and speed up the healing and recovery process in different medical studies. In the case of burn injuries it is known to work wonders and provide the necessary relief to the patients. In the case of sunburn, however it does not participate in the healing process, but it soothes the pain associated with it. This is a major relief to anybody who has suffered sunburn.


Apply grated potatoes:

Grating potatoes and applying the solid-liquid mix over sun burned skin is known to make a difference to the skin. The starch in the mixture so obtained helps in cooling and soothing the burned area of the skin. This in turn speeds up the healing process.


Bathe with baking soda added to cool water:

If the skin is not blistered with the sun burn then this treatment can be applied to it. Dissolving Epsom salts of baking soda to cool water and having a quick bath is one way of using this remedy. Else, soaking this solution of baking soda or Epsom salts with cool water onto a clean cloth and tying it on the affected area also works wonders. However, care must be taken to avoid applying this solution for a longer time period as it will dry out the skin that is already devoid of moisture.


Moisturise your skin:

Blazing sun rays are anyway a potential hazard to the skin as they dry out the skin and leave it shrivelled without any moisture content in them. Furthermore, they also cause the cells and blood vessels in the skin to leak thus facilitating further loss of moisture from the skin. Longer exposure to baking soda, Epsom salts and oatmeal can further deride the skin of its moisture content. It is important to replenish the moisture. This can be done by moisturising the skin as soon as it dries up after a bath with the water and baking soda solution. For a better and longer effect, refrigerate the moisturiser before using it on the skin.


Apply Cornstarch:

Burns can affect those areas where you cannot apply sunscreens and sun blocks lotions or places where your hand does not reach. Constant exposure to sun at those places can lead to severe sun burns. Furthermore, tight elastic bra straps and underwear rims can exacerbate the burn and cause irritation and blistering at such places. Before the affected area begins to blister, appropriate home remedies can provide the much required relief. Applying cornstarch to the affected area effectively cools the area and speeds the healing process.


Apply lavender oil to the affected area:

A solution of 1 cup of cool water and 20-25 drops of lavender oil applied to the burned area can help moisturise the area gently and speeds up the healing process.


Have a bath with green tea added to water:

Green tea is known to work wonders with speeding up the healing process for sun burns. Adding about 15-20 green tea bags to the bath water and having a cool soothing bath for about 15-20 minutes provides that much needed relief. There are several pre-packaged green tea bath solutions available in the market that can also be tried out.


Apply ice on the face and arms:

Ice can be applied on the face and arms where the burn is not very severe. Else, it could send the body in a state of shock after being exposed to the fiery sun rays.


Apply milk to the affected area:

Cool milk applied to the burned area creates a protein film around the burn that helps ease the discomfort. Care must be taken to apply cool and not cold milk with the help of a gauze or clean cloth.


Drink lots of water:

There are several simple kitchen items that can be applied topically to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by sun burn. But only one potent universal drink can help replenish the lost moisture content. Drinking lots of water and keeping yourself hydrated after a severe shock of sun burn can not only speed up the recovery and healing process but also prevent severe dehydration seen in such cases. It also helps keep the body cool and well nourished.

Several topical ointments, Vitamin E supplements, pain relievers and anaesthetics can provide the necessary healing support in addition to all these natural home remedies.