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Home Remedies for Treating Annoying Impotency Condition in Men

Impotency or Erectile disability is letting several men to break down their loving relationship due to the unsatisfactory sexual act.  However, it is proved scientifically that a little changes in the dietary and lifestyle habits can make men potent enough to have an enjoyable and pleasurable sexual practice.

Here are simple home remedies that can help you in gaining back your lovable life by improving the erection naturally.

Live a relaxed and tension free life. For this you need to say a big “NO” to smoking, caffeine and carbohydrate food.  Exercise daily for about 30 minutes can bring back your sexual disorder.

Take a glass of dried apricots, a glass of walnuts, a glass of prunes, one glass of raisins without seeds, and two lemons that too with its skin. Now, thoroughly grind all the elements by adding a glass of honey into it.  Consume one tablespoon of this mixture three times a day that too before having meals.

Take one glass of milk and add two table spoon of ground carrot in it and boil it for approx ten minutes. Intake 100 ml of the extract two to three times a week and you are sure to see the results soon.

Another most common home remedy for curing impotency is by honey and walnut. Mix both the stuffs in equal quantities and take in half an hour after meals. Also, drink milk immediately after gulping the mixture. Within a span of month you can make out positive results.

Intake Ashwagandha an herb that can boost up the sexual drive, stamina, increases energy and also functions.

Also, in some men the deficiency of vitamin A can cause impotency in men. Thus, it is suggested to eat foods that are rich in the contents of vitamin A. Moreover, you can even consume the Vitamin A tonic or supplement to improve your sexual disorder.

Go for the water-soluble or fibrous diet as fiber helps in flushing the toxin from your body and the plague that causes poor circulation. This the safest way to cure erection troubles in helpful way.