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Homeopathic ways to cure Male Erectile Dysfunction

The use of prescribes medications for curing erectile failure problems or impotency is increasing day by day. As these medications shows some sorts of negative effect, thus it has to be taken under the supervision of your concerning doctor. But some men are acquainted with the fact that impotency or libido can be boosted up by homeopathic remedies.

Some of these home ways can also be found in your refrigerator and kitchen which you can easily utilize to cure impotency.

Let’s get started with some Homeopathic remedies to tackle annoying impotency troubles.


Onions and carrots added to your diet simply aids in increasing the sexual stamina. Apart from this, other diet essentials like half boiled egg, white onions, garlic that works finest for increasing man’s libido level as well as strengthens your desire to have a sexual copulation. You can even find some tasty recipes from internet that will assist in getting rid of impotency.


You might have read many times about the benefits of pomegranate and watermelons several times in the past, but did you know that the latest study has revealed that these fruits might even be able to repeal the effects of impotency. Keep eating pomegranate or watermelon or try to embrace it in your daily diet. Other that you can think about is almonds, quince seeds and pistachios. These stuffs play an amazing role in boosting up the libido in men. Rather than having a usual bag of popcorn while watching movies or or snaking cat office, you eat these fruits.

Sabal serrulata – Saw palmetto

This homeopathic therapy is generally used to cure the prostate enlargement. But on the other hand it also acts efficiently in helping the lack of libido or sexual power. If you get aroused for sexual performance but still you can’t reach the desired erection, then Sabal serrulata can be a great alternative that you can try out.

Baryta Carbonica-best herbal remedy

Baryta Carbonica serves very effective results in improving both the problems of premature ejaculation as well as impotency. It helps men in achieving the desired erections and at the same time also relieves the discomfort between thighs and scrotum.  It also beneficiates the prostate by reducing the regular urge to intake.


From decades, Ashwagandha has been used as a best home remedy to treat inflammations and fever but its entire work is to improve immune system and memory as well. Moreover, it has also restores the libido, improves impotency and increases male infertility.