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How are diabetic issues related with sex problems?

It affects smooth functioning of all essential body systems including reproductive systems and genital organs. Studies have revealed that over 70% of men and 30 % of women suffering from diabetes experience low Libido as a result of diabetic neuropathy , causing damaging to nervous system that stimulate the sexual urge.

A person suffering from diabetes suffers from frequent issues like cardiac disorders, increased blood pressure, and many other health issues. To control the growth of glucose in the blood, the pancreas secretes a  hormone called insulin which controls the increase of  glucose in the body. Now, a decrease in insulin in the blood causes glucose to grow at an abnormal rate, leading to diabetes. Diabetes damages the organs, thereby causing the systems to malfunction. This leads to various kinds of illness that reduce body energy level which leads to a decline in Libido. Also, diabetes leads to increase in blood pressure and cardiovascular disorders, leading to blockage in arteries and blood vessels, causing insufficient blood flow into the genital organs. This causes a decline in the sexual urge and low arousal. Also, diabetes hampers the sleep to a good extent that in turn leads to mental fatigue and further adds to the health disorders, leading to decline in urge and stamina required for a perfect intercourse.

Diabetes is a health disorder that rarely gets cured as the causative factors e.g. stress, tension etc. seldom remains at a lower level given the present lifestyle and work schedules. However, keeping in mind the need for rejuvenating the mental and physical state for maintaining a healthy sexual relationship, one must endeavour for keeping it at control. For this  thefoll. Meausres can be adopted :

(i) The first area of focus should be the diet. Items having high level of carbohydrates and sugar content should be avoided e.g. sweets, soft drinks/ice cream, vegetables like potato, carrot etc. as they contain high sugar and carbohydrate that increase the glucose level.

(ii) Second important aspect is regular workout. Daily physical exercise results in keeping the cholesterol and pressure level under control and also facilitates effective blood circulation. Blood circulation results in an increase in arousal level and also lowering of heart issues. Periodic health check- up is a must to assess the status. Doctor might recommend a regular intake of insulin which has to be followed religiously. A regular dose of physiotherapy will do a lot of good to proper functioning of the body organs. This will help to get back to a normal state of health and be able to enjoy a good sexual life.

Thus, diabetes is seen to be a major barrier in the path of a healthy sexual and love life. Thus, care must be taken to stay away from the same and if confronted with the same, one has  to be conscious about not letting the same to grow. Keeping diabetes in a controlled state will see off the health issues causing threat to a perfect sex life.