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How Can You Talk To Your Child About Sex?

sex-talk-with-kidsWe all tend to shy away, some of us start to stutter and stammer while many of us choose to completely ignore the subject and believe that the child will learn about this on their own. However, leaving this issue untouched can make them learn wrong things about this issue. You would be immature to think that you can avoid this topic and wish that they will learn about it in some or the other way in future.

You should know that if you don’t talk to them about this topic, they will learn whatever they want, but they will learn about it from someone else that is not mature and qualified to talk about it. There are certain ways to make this process easy and enjoyable, let’s see which those are.

1. It is essential to keep in mind that you need to talk to your kids in an appropriate way. Your child may start asking various questions about his/her body at an early age. When you teach the names of their body parts such as hands, feet, eyes, remember to tell them that they also have a vagina or a penis. You should not feel embarrassed about this, just know that they are the appropriate names for that part of their body.

2. It would not be realistic to tell your children that their little sister or brother is delivered by God, they wouldn’t just believe this. Instead you should tell them that daddy put a see inside mommy’s stomach and that seed grew into this wonderful baby. Kids are smart, so they would accept the fact easily.

3. It is necessary to make your child ready for the changes they will face once they reach the age of maturity physically. Don’t wait too long to talk about menstruation to your daughter or about the changes that your son will be experiencing soon.

4. Make your children understand about what are your values about sex. Ultimately they will make their own choices and decisions about all the things in their lives, but making them understand your views about sexuality, you will be giving them a strong foundation to make their decisions.

5. Your discussions should be light hearted. You are not working with a bomb, but you are trying to talk to your child. Just go to flashback of your life, think about how you would have expected your parents to have managed this subject and try to follow it.

Though it is a difficult topic you can use this to get close to your kids especially when they enter their teenage. At first they will think strange about it but gradually they will start to appreciate the fact that they have someone to talk about it without any hesitation.

Remember that you are the best guide for your child. If you have guided him in every aspect of his life, why shy away from this too. Your child will be thankful to you for his entire life. Talk to him/her today!!