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How is your mental health and the food that you eat related

From the time we were children, we have been reminded that we are what we eat. Controlled eating or eating well can help you in managing your mental illness. Physical and mental health are interlinked. Huge amounts of carb intake can affect your mood. We all know that it is not easy, but feeling nurtured through a meal with slow release of energy can be a major part of your recovery. What you pop into your mouth and how your mental state remains is all interlaced.

Eating less is also a smart option

Eating less and well when you are having difficulty with your mental health may not be easy. Anxiety and depression can make even a small task like preparing a meal a very difficult task. The kind of food that you eat also varies as per your social and economic state! If you are suffering from a condition that needs mood stabilizers or anti-psychotics then you will have a craving for refined carbs and sugar, which makes it difficult to consume a well-balanced diet. If you are not well paid then your budget for food will also be limited which makes you rely on cheap food.

The food that we eat- makes us who we are:

Our body and its systems are greatly affected by the food we eat. The types of nutrients determine the operation of our body and mind. If you feel that you are suffering from depression, anxiety and other mental problems making some modifications in your diet may help you.

Mental health and nutrition related food is not a new topic, but it has been neglected or ignored by many people from long time. Exercise and diet are normally provided as beneficial tips to fight mental problems and diseases, but the information provided is always general. Normally doctors recommend therapy and medications for more obvious types of anxiety and depression. They do it without taking a look at the natural substances that can help without any drugs or other types of costly options.

But, latest mental health and nutrition studies have started to draw out particular natural elements that affect depression, anxiety and mood directly. Many of these substances can enter our diet by modifying the foods we consume. Many of us don’t get enough of these substances even by consuming right food because of the fact that the majority of food that we get in supermarkets and stores are processed and all the nutrients are removed during processing. Normally a person will require both supplements and the right foods to get the right amount of nutrients required for his/her mental well being.

Try Vitamin B to stay healthy longer:

According to mental health and nutrition experts, vitamin B complex plays a major role in mood and mental function. B complex vitamins help in providing energy to the body by working in the procedure of categorizing food into energy more effectively, but according to research they work in the brain to maintain and protect brain function and nerve cells. Noticeable amount of enhancement in mood, mental energy and memory has been seen by increasing levels of B complex vitamins.