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How Nits Can Be Well Treated?

They have six legs and come up with a claw on the end. They make use of these so as to adhere on to the hair and exist by biting the scalp and supplying on blood. This more or less causes itchiness in the scalp but not in all cases or all the time. The female head lice put down their eggs in sacs that attach to individual hairs. After this a baby head louse formulates seven to ten days later.

Kids who have head lice can be able to locate the rest of the minute pallid egg in their hair. This is identified as a nit. Few people too make use of this medical term to mean head louse. After a fortnight the baby head louse is all set to have its own babies.

Head lice move slowly right from head to head if you are sitting close to someone who has it. Kids are the most affected ones as they more or less come into contact with other children in the school. On the other hand, head lice stays on the head itself and do not fly which makes it easier to get off it.

Spotting head lice

Even when the head is examined very closely head lice could be tough to detect. In case if you think your child has head lice:

Check your child’s hair: the most ordinary places for this are in the hair on the back of the ears and at the bottom of the neck.

By combing the hair with the help of a special nit comb you could spot all the lices that are stuck in the hair. They fall out very easily and could be seen very clearly on a white piece of paper.

One must treat their child if you come across head lice that approve a live plague. These are hard as head lice can be slay down by just washing your hair with a mild shampoo. As they reconstruct very immediately, it is better to kill them before they spread. It is good to check with every member of your family for head lice.