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How Peanuts could be beneficial to you?

advantages-of-peanutsPeanut, a popular oil seed, is most eaten, filled with nutrients, famous in mankind since ancient times. It is the best part of protein in the kingdom of plants. Scientifically, they are tiny size fruit pods of plant which belongs to the legume family like beans or peas.

Although there are people who avoid taking peanuts, thinking that it could increase the fat content, but the proven fact is that most of the fat is mono-saturated, making it highly rich in protein, vitamin E, and fibre. It can be eaten in any form like boiled, roasted, salted or raw.

Health benefits

Improves Fertility– Studies of science has proven the fact that seeds like peanut is a very important and crucial food which can help in improving the rate of fertility for child birth. Consuming peanut on everyday basis can help in avoiding risk or problems during or after pregnancy.

Balanced Weight Management– A rich diet in protein always helps to balance and improve one’s weight management system and body structure. Peanuts can actually help people who are conscious about their body, muscles, weight. The calcium content help in healthy bones.Also it is proven that the people eating peanuts twice a day are much less likely to gain weight compared to the other who do not eat them all.

Good for Managing Your heart –Heart is one’s basic need of living. The seeds peanut is rich in the substance which converts food into energy. This kind of antioxidants can help in protecting the heart and can also prevent human body from various other diseases related to heart. Unsalted peanuts are good for your arteries. The mono-saturated fat content of the peanut helps to lower blood cholesterol.

Cure from Age related Diseases– Peanuts’ high niacin content helps in the recovery of cell damage provides protection against Alzheimer’s disease and age-related cognitive problem.

Protecting from Cancer- A form of phytosterol, plant derived compound which is similar in structure and function to cholesterol, is found in high percentage in oil seeds like peanut. It is said that this not only protects the person from cardiovascular disease but also helps in reducing the risk from cancer.

Boost Brain- With the vitamin B3, which is called as Niacin content, improves the functionality of the brain and boost the memory power of a common man.

Helps Fight Depression-In this growing and busy world, there are thousands of people who have everything but still depressed with one or the other issue. Guess what? Peanuts can actually help such kind of people controlling these issues of their body and making their life better. Its some portion has such kind of effect in our body system that it can helps to control and fight with depression.

Aids in Blood Sugar Regulation– Peanut have some portion of Manganese, a mineral which is an essential nutrient for our body. It plays a major role in our body in metabolizing carbohydrate and fats, absorbing calcium, and improving the blood sugar regulation.