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How to Combat With Spring Allergy

The one major spring allergy cause is pollen. This is nothing but tiny grains released into the air by trees, weeds and grasses for the purpose of fertilizing other plants. Pollen grains when affected on the nose of an individual who is an allergic then they send the immune system into overdrive.

The immune system, wrongly seeing pollen as distant invaders gives out antibodies which on the other hand attack bacteria and other illness triggering organisms. The antibodies assaults the allergens that in turn lead to the release of chemicals identified as histamines in the blood. These cause flu sicknesses such as runny nose, itching in the eyes and other warning signs of spring allergies.

If an individual who suffers from spring allergic reactions then he or she may be very familiar with is sort of problem. There are a lot of ways to have command over this allergy and restrict the effects of spring allergies. Below listed remedies can lend a hand by putting a stop to sneezing, wheezing and other dreadful harms. One of the major problems is that histamines can have some undesired side effects which can even include sleepiness.

This is why a huge number of people always give their first preference to natural home remedies where you do not have to shell a single penny. This article provides information on how to fight hay fever and enjoy the happiest time of the year.

Treatments for Hay Fever warning signs

Petroleum Jelly

Applying some amount of petroleum jelly on the inside of the nostrils is considered to help put off sinus congestion and irritation most probably by avoiding dry itchy skin. This even helps in breaking the mucus and collect pollen before they go into the nostrils.

Hot Shower

If you are fighting with this problem after stepping inside from outdoors then a hot shower can help you significantly in numerous ways. First and foremost this helps in clearing out all the sinuses by means of heat and through breathing hot steam. A hot bath even removes all the pollen and other particles linked with spring allergy.